What is BFX India?

BFX India is a unique KPO providing Business exchange opportunities like buy & sale of business, private equity, Barter of goods & services, finding investment & finance opportunities. It is the only Portal which provides genuine, vetted and fully verified Information.BFX India is engaged in providing value added professional services in the field of Taxation, Accounting, Investment Planning, Project Consultancy, Financial Services, Debt Restructuring, Corporate Services, Business Start-Up Activities, Equity Exchange, and Industrial Insurance.

How BFXIndia provides an opportunity for Chartered Accountants?

BFXIndia provides a platform for Buy & Sale of Business/Industry/Enterprise, for Business Start-up Activities, for providing Financial Services.Chartered Accountants can Register with us as a Channel Partner for Due Diligence and can also Register their Clients Requirements for Services.

How the Channel Partner can Contribute in our services?

Channel Partner Registered with us will perform the work of Due Diligence in respect of the Business/Enterprise/Industry for which the proposal has been obtained.For carrying out Due Diligence the Channel Partner will get the fees on the basis of Category of Due Diligence done.

What is the meaning of Verified Information?

Verified Information in respect of a Business Proposal means the Information posted on our website is fully verified and Genuine.Due Diligence has been carried out with regard to that proposal by our team of Chartered Accountants and that information about is fully vetted by us.

What the Unverified Information means?

Unverified Information in respect of Business Proposal means we just have information about that proposal and due diligence in respect of the same is not carried by us due to non availability of complete information.As and when the Information is available in that regard it will be transferred to Verified Category to ensure genuineness.